HAPPINESS, a Non-Suffering State of Mind

Often and specially in the Western world, we have this idea that what makes us happy is to have the latest fancy electronics, the latest product advertised on TV, the fancy house, the cool car, the dream holidays in a Resort in Maldives and the list continues.

We are continually thinking, If I get this, I will be happy, oh no if get this other thing, I will be happy, oh no this new car will definitely make me happy. True is, no materialistic thing will make you happy, it will do for a moment, a week or a month but then, that superficial happiness will banished, and it will banish because it is a non sustainable happiness, it is not real happiness.

True is, this what the system and society wants you to believe in, so that you are hooked to it, you keep buying into all those great products, working harder even if you hate your job but earning enough money to keep up with that Western growing materialistic style of life. A lifestyle and concept filled with tendency for material possession and far from true happiness.

Good news is, there are ways to cultivate and maintain a true happy and content life, there ways to find balance and bring joy and meaning in this fast paced modern society and life we are living.

Here in this blogpost, I am sharing with you 3 simple WAYS and HABITS to CULTIVATE HAPPINESS in you everyday life, but before this, lets take a close look to the meaning and roots of happiness.



Happiness can simply be defined and understood as “a non-suffering state of mind”, a state where one doesn’t experience suffering or worrying but pure inner peace and contentment instead. It is a calm, balance and positive state of mind.

More over, happiness is a sense we mostly cultivate from within, we cultivate it with Spiritual practices such as Meditation, with good actions, by serving and helping others and spreading kindness and love, with appreciation towards all we have in life, the people, the environment, the life experiences, the opportunities and the blessings.

“True happiness comes from having a sense of inner peace and contentment, which in turn must be achieved by cultivating altruism, love and compassion, and by eliminating anger, selfishness and greed.” “Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.” DALAI LAMA




Meditation on Gratitude is a great tool to feel grateful and thankful for all we have and the good things in our life. It provides a great sense of happiness and it allow us to take pleasure in the simplest things in life.

It is also a bridge connecting to the present moment, it drifts us away from the materialistic or superficial elements around us and it brings us back to the basics of what truly matters in life and to us.

Meditation on Gratitude, it allows us to tap into our heart space and to reveal our most loving, humble and honest human side.

More and more, It is been proven that a regular Gratitude Mediation practice, it is able to reduce negative thoughts and depression and instead increase positivity and contentment.


Oh Mama Nature! We all know how amazing Nature can be, no only astonishing, transformative and powerful but also incredibly intelligent.

With the past of the years and decades, the relationship of Human and Nature it has changed massively, back on the days when we lived in caves and hunted animal as a form of survival, people used to be in contact with Nature all the time, they lived slow lives in Nature and they were part of it.

With time, and specially in modern society and in big cities, we have lost the good habits of being out and in contact with Nature, we are too busy and too in our heads to become aware and interact with the natural environment.

True is, it is been proven that being in contact with Nature has positive effects on our health, it helps to reduce stress and anxiety and provides a sense of peace and wholeness. Spending time outdoors and in Nature is a way to reconnect to the nature of our beings, it is a bridge to tap into that sense of pure freedom, the freedom sense we loose by living a fast paced modern life.

The experience of walking bare foot, swimming naked in cold open water, running on the beach, will make you feel alive and whole, it will help you connect with that inner peace and contentment sense.

Not to mention, that you don’t have to take a holiday to experience all the positive benefits Nature offers, often it is also enough by taking few moments to look around and appreciate the surrounding Nature, take few deep breaths and take it all in.


There is something really beautiful and rewarding about helping others, reaching out to others living beings to support them out of goodwill can greatly benefit us.

Helping others gives that sense of purpose and personal satisfaction, it allows us to tap into that sense of meaning and self-realisation.

True is, by being generous and offering your time, skills and compassion to help others, your are simply spreading the act love and kindness, the more you do this, the more you will be able to notice the feeling of fulfilment and contentment.

Doing good for others will not only improve your happiness and self-esteem, but will also positively advance your emotional wellbeing.

I hope you will find this blogpost helpful.

Peace, Love and Light

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