My name is Lally Molina.

I am a Yoga Teacher, Holistic Therapist and Yoga Business Mentor.

My mission is to guide and encourage women and female spiritual entrepreneurs to live in alignment while unleashing their full potential and uplifting their life & business.

As part of my mission, I help women to amplify their talent, define their SOULFUL business vision and create their authentic product line up.

I offer mentoring in the form of; 1-1 mentoring sessions for women seeking self-trasnformation , and a 6 week online mentoring programme for Spiritual Femtrepreneurs such as Yoga & Spiritual Teachers.

My purpose is to help, empower and support women with the desire to evolve and expand in the personal and professional field.

In this space, we focus on Empowerment, Yoga, Inner Work, Healing and Soulful Business Creation.

Here, you will also find information on all my upcoming courses, programs, events, workshops and retreats.

Bloomful Biz Programme

A 6 week mentoring programme for Yoga & Spiritual Teachers looking to uplift their soulful life and business. Through holistic healing, inner work and conscious business, this programme is designed to define one’s true calling & mission. A chance to come away from conventional ways of working, tap into authenticity, mark the difference and make business bloom.

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Through Vinyasa Flow, Restorative Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama, I offer embodiment practices that promotes and enhances conscious movement, energetic alignment, personal development, holistic psychology and healing. They are embodied practices and teachings that aims to harmonised body, mind and soul!

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1 to 1 Mentoring Sessions

These sessions are all about expansion of creativity, clarity, self-development & empowerment. For both female wanting to create a more balanced, empowered and fulfilled life, and for spiritual teacher & femtrepreneurs looking for support and guidance on how to bloom in their careers.

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