About me

Hello! My name is Lally, I am originally from Spain but have lived most of my adult life in London, England.

I am an Aquarian, humanitarian, creative, imperfect, moody at times and I am very good at laughing at myself. I am an adventurous soul who loves lo learn, evolve, create and share that with others.

My passion is Wellness, Yoga and Travel. In my early days I was a Gymnasts which later evolved into a Fitness Trainer, former Fashion Designer and Product Developer and most recently a Yoga Teacher, Holistic Wellness Therapist & Yoga Business Mentor.

The human mind, behaviour and personal development interest me, my passion is to help women unleashing their full potencial through Yoga, Empowerment and Holistic Healing.

For the past five years I have been working as a Yoga Teacher, Holistic Wellness Therapist, Retreat Leader and Organizer in different holiday destinations, some of my favourites include; India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Spain.


With a degree in Fashion Design & Product Development and twelve years working in the Fashion sector, I worked for successful brands such as Burberry, Armani and Nicole Farhi.

I began seeking an escape from London’s hectic city life and a demanding coorporate job and so I began to practicing Yoga and found a physical, mental and inner calm.

Yoga allowed me to reconnect with the physical side of my body and tune into the mental and spiritual awakening that the practice can bring to daily life. Since I was introduced to the practice in 2014, Yoga become my way of living and has stayed with me ever since. The practice has steered me in a completely new direction and has led me to change my life path so unexpectedly. 

Through my spiritual practice I found clarity, trust, strength and courage to stop making decision based of fear and to slowly let go of shame, self-criticism and negative self talk. I quit my job and career and followed my heart, intuition and true life purpose.

My past experiences and my own life struggles serve me daily as an inspiration to dig deeper into self-development through spiritual practices, which also inspires me to help others find their true purpose and create mental & physical harmony. 


I was first introduced to Yoga and Meditation about ten years ago, after years of solid Yoga practice and several trips to India, I decided to fully dedicate myself to the Yoga and Holistic Healing path and study further. 

As a student, I had the greatest pleasure to learn from experienced teachers such as Ulrica Norberg, Laura Glaser, Janet Stone, Sharath Jois and many others.

I have trained in various styles of Yoga such Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa Flow and Restorative Yoga, also trained in Yoga Therapy and Holistic Healing.


  • 200hrs YTT in Yoga Therapy – (Fusion of Restorative Yoga & Ayurveda with emphasis on Holistic Therapy & Healing)
  • 30hrs Energetic Alignment with Janet Stone
  • 30hrs Intuitive Sequencing with Janet Stone
  • Ayurveda Massage Therapy Diploma Course
  • Crystal Healing Therapy Diploma Course
  • (MBCT) Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Training
  • (NLP) Neuro-linguistic Programming Diploma Course
  • BA (Hons) in Fashion Design
  • Foundation Diploma in Art & Design
  • Social Media Marketing Diploma Course
  • Blogging & Marketing Diploma Course


I am fascinated with the Body, Mind and Soul connection, how the body functions and science. With a great interest in Meditation, Pranayama, Ayurveda and Holistic Psychology. I like to incorporate a mix of these elements into my classes, workshops and mentoring sessions. I like to bring the West and East techniques together in my teachings.

I teach Vinyasa based and Restorative classes that emphasize the practice of an internal Yoga which focuses on the observation of sensations in the body and mind. I believe very much in the importance of practicing dynamic YANG and slow YIN meditative Yoga to find the all round physical, spiritual, energetic and mental balance.

My teachings focus on the expansion of consciousness through spiritual growth and personal development. It involves approaching the Yoga practice with loving kindness, humbleness and patience, to apply the Yoga qualities and the simplified Eight Limbs of Yoga concept on and off the mat.

And last but not least, my duty as Yoga Teacher, Holistic Therapist & Yoga Business Mentor is to support and empower my students and anyone that crosses my path, to keep on growing personally and spiritually, to become the best version of themselves, to follow their heart and true life purpose.