Bloomful Biz Programme 


A journey to self-discovery, expansion and healing.

This is an 8 week online business mentorship programme for you…

Yoga teachers and holistic service providers wanting to live off their passions for serving others.

Within this programme you will learn how to identify and magnify your unique talent and gifts as conscious leader.

An opportunity to gain clarity of mission, define your soul client and create your unique product line based on authenticity, purpose and soul aligned strategy.

The main pillars of this mentoring programme are; self-mastery, purpose and conscious business.

This program help you create a purposeful soul aligned business that provides more freedom, joy, accomplishment and wealth.

Ok so you are here… 

YOU are a Yoga & Spiritual Teacher, Coach or Facilitator that recently finished your trainings or has been in the spiritual entrepreneurship world for a while.

>> You feel how your limiting beliefs are holding you back.

>> You often procrastinate because you fear failure or success.

>> You are not clear on your mission and feel lost and disempowered.

>> You need guidance on social media and digital marketing strategy.

>> You want to create more freedom in your life and in your business.

>> You are feeling stuck and this trance is stoping you from showing up.

>> You cannot let go of perfectionism and self-sabotage yourself often.

>> You are unsure on how to create your face-to-face or online offerings.

>> You struggle to turn your brilliant ideas into a soul saleable product.

>> You want to create more wealth without overworking.

>> You need lifestyle strategies to avoid and recover from burnout.

I feel you! I have been there, lost, stuck and not knowing where to start.

Yes, I know the struggle…

After completing several trainings and many courses, I found myself without guidance on how get my message and mission out there, how to create saleable products from my knowledge and how to make a decent living as a Yoga Teacher and Spiritual Leader.

So I struggle trying to figure everything out by myself. Did I learn? yes plenty, but it took me plenty of hours, unnecessary stress, few burnouts, and sweat and tears to work it all out by myself.

At that point, desperate and tired of teaching +20 yoga classes a week to make a living, I invested in a business mentor and got the support that I needed in order to stop making decisions out of fear and step into my zone on genius.

In my challenges and struggles is where I have found the inspiration to design and create the Bloomful Biz Mentorship Programme, to offer the support I didn’t have back then, to help you identify and amplify your greatest talents, to guide you and to support you so you don’t have to do it all alone!

Meet your mentor

Hi I am Lally. I am a Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Lifestyle and Conscious Business Mentor.

With a BA (HONS) in fashion design and 12 years in the fashion industry, my background is design, product development and marketing.

Yogini for over 10 years and working in the yoga and wellness industry since 2016, I have helped many to transform their lives and businesses for the better. Read my full story

As the creator of the Bloomful Biz Program, my mission is to teach holistic service providers how to live in alignment while unleashing their full potential and bring their business vision alive

My purpose is to help and empower women with the desire to heal, evolve and expand in the personal and professional field.

I am a passionated mentor that have put together what no other course teaches you, years of experience, proven business development, sales and marketing strategies to create unique yoga and wellbeing products and businesses

My expertise… 


+ 1000HR of trainings in different modalities, Yoga Therapy, Yin, Restorative, Meditation, Energetics, Embodiment, Somatics, Emotional Leadership, NLP and MBCT.


+10 years in the design and product development industry working for global leading top brands. 


Business consultant for retreat centers, creating yoga and spa programmes, designing and developing holistic services, products and experiences since 2017.


Designing and leading special events and yoga retreats globally since 2018.


+3 years helping conscious entrepreneurs finding a way to communicate their mission, through marketing and soul aligned sales strategies. 


+7 Years helping individuals create a more purposeful and fulfilled life and business.

The results


CLARITY | Understand your true calling and purpose, define your soul mission and serve your client and community.

HEALING | Learn how to dissolve limiting beliefs, deal with impostor syndrome, perfectionism, self-sabotage and welcome your most free and empowered self.

CONFIDENCE | Build self-confidence by acknowledging and amplifying your strengths, show up confident about your knowledge, abilities and offerings.

WORK OPTIMISATION | Learn how to re-purpose your content to save you time and energy, learn strategies to work smarter not harder!

WEALTH | Learn how to master different formulas to make a living from your passion for helping others transform their lives.

FREEDOM | Define and create the business model that gives you freedom to choose how and when to work.

CREATIVITY | Learn how to access to your unique artistry and create attractive life-changing offerings for your clients and community.

LIFESTYLE MANAGEMENT | Leave behind burnout and exhaustion, learn how to honour yourself and improve work-life balance.

Imagine the following… 


You shifting from a fixed mindset fuelled by limiting belief, to an abundance mindset that allows you to pursue your true calling.


You creating your own community where to connect with your soulful clients, serve them and help them transform their lives.


You integrating the tools and step to follow to show up as professional, feeling confident about your many abilities and expertises. 


You receiving the strategies to create a method and business model that works for you. A model that offers you more free time and financial stability.


You designing from a place of purpose, authenticity and desire to help transform the lives of your students and clients.


You building accountability and obtaining the support that you need in order to make your soul business bloom. 

This and Much More is What The Bloomful Programme Offers You 

The main pillars


Your journey through your physical energy, mental focus, emotions wellbeing, healing and spiritual meaning.


Your main drive fulled by your passion and intention for making a positive impact in the world.


Your core values, ethics, morals, leadership, and soulful business strategy.

 Mastering Others is Strength, Mastering Yourself is True Power | Lao Tzu 

The curriculum



Get clear and define your true mission and purpose through intuitive and expansive processes, step into your potential and connect with your true calling.


Identify your incredible talents and discover your place in your industry, find your voice as a conscious entrepreneur and learn how to share your stories and gifts with your unique voice.


Create the business structure and strategy that works for you, the more structure the smoother the processes within your business.


Learn how to design soul aligned and impactful content, create content that speaks to your community and converts followers into clients. Start positioning yourself as an expert in your field.


Design your authentic online or face-to-face offerings; classes, retreats, workshops, courses, programmes… learn the right formula to create an attractive and authentic product line up, as well as campaigns and promotions for them.


Uncover the myth around spirituality and money, learn how to price and add value to your services. Review your relationship with money and clear the money blocks that holding you back.


Learn how to deal with impostor syndrome, perfectionism and self-liming beliefs through shadow work. Go from feeling like a fraud or failure to feeling fully aligned and empowered.


Obtain startegies to create work-life balance and avoid burnout; this module is all about healthy boundaries, feminine cycle in business and daily rituals to fill up your cup.

What’s included


8 Weeks Online Mentorship Programme

 Once a Q & A ¨Bloomful Calls¨ by Zoom

3 Live Themed Workshops by Zoom 

Access to Useful Material & Resources


Personalised web audit 

Private Facebook group access 

Yoga on demand portal access 

(+ 10 yoga & embodiment practices)



What my clients say…

¨Lally helped me understand better ways to communicate with my clients and create a sales strategy. Lally is not only a mentor but a conscious business coach, she helped me bring my message across without loosing the spirit of what I do. Working with Lally was an absolute pleasure, she could understand my business and how connect and deliver my message to the right people.  I highly recommended!¨

Mili Gentile, Yoga Teacher & YTT Facilitator

¨What I really liked about working with Lally, was the clarity and business direction I got, she gave me ideas on how to use my knowledge and personal experiences to create purposeful offerings. The biggest win from working with her was to develop my product line. I also learned about marketing and how to attract customers through social media¨

Nastasia Gibert, Yoga Teacher

¨I love the natural empowering feeling that oozes from Lally´s experience and expertise, she is very talented and listens from a place of deep understanding and respect. I really loved my 1-1 biz mentoring with Lally, helpful, to the point and very empowering. This mentorship helped me with clarity and easy steps to undertake next in my business. The biggest win from this process was a sense of clarity and empowerment in all aspects of myself¨

Michelle Dalla, Yoga Teacher

¨Instagram has always been a red flag for me, working with Lally has lifted this blockage and she showed me in a very loving and straightforward way how to use IG as a tool to market my retreat agency. Lally has a great knowledge of marketing and is able to break that down into simple steps that are easy to implement and to follow. During the mentorship I have noticed a big increase of traffic to my IG account and I am sure it will not be long that one of the new contacts will turn into a client¨

Johanna Schinker, Founder & CEO of Retreat Agency @conalmaconsulting

 ¨I now have a very clear idea of where I want to take my business, how to attract my ideal client and how to transmit my work and mission in an engaging way. I have also gained quick results such as more followers, engagement and interactions in Instagram, I received more enquiries that turned into sales by following Lally´s guidance. With Lally, I have learned more about social media, marketing and conscious business, and I even got to know myself better¨

Patricia Cerra, Founder & CEO of @mysticbeautymallorca

¨Lally is such a rare and precious combination of the on the point business woman, intuitive communicator and experienced designer. She helped me weave my many loose ends and impulses I had to create my IG account into the beautiful thread I work with now. She guided me into my IG flow and out of overwhelm. Developing structure, tools and templates for me to be solid, leaving enough space for me to be creative. Thank you Lally, its been a pleasure to collaborating and working with you!¨

Tanja Hemm, Founder & CEO of  @thechangecontainer