Bloomful Biz Programme 



This is an online mentoring programme for female entrepreneur and business owners which like to live off their passion without burning out. 

Within this programme you will learn; overwhelm & anxiety management, burnout prevention & treatment, unlock self-limiting beliefs, obtain clarity and gain confidence. 

This is an opportunity to learn how to make conscious choices that takes you closer to your ultimate life vision.

To live in alignment while unleashing your full potential and bloom in life and in business.

The main pillars of this mentoring programme are; mindset, personal & professional development, and holistic healing. 

This programme is an invitation for you!, woman in business wanting to step into your power, live authentically and to follow your true calling. 










Lally Molina

The Bloomful Programme Creator 

Perhaps you are a female entrepreneur or a women in business looking for guidance on how to create work-life balance.

Maybe you are someone wanting to live from your passion without burning out.

You experience burnout, tiredness, stress and overwhelm regularly.

Have no time or energy for yourself or to do the things that sets your soul on fire.

I hear you and I feel you! – I have been there, lost, stuck and not knowing where to start!

While working in the fashion industry & corporate business for 12 years, I experienced major burnouts & chronic stress, the result of that left me in very dark places.

I couldn’t hardly move from bed, I was depressed, demotivated and physically, mentally & emotionally drained.

It was through holistic healing, yoga and mediation that I finally found the way to create alignment in my life, that conscious process led my where I am today, it gave me the mind clarity & encouragement to follow my true calling.

For the past five years I have been working as a Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Holistic Wellness Therapist and Business Mentor.

In my challenges & struggles is where I have found the inspiration to design and create this mentoring programme, to offer the support I didn’t have back then, so you don´t have to do it alone.

Helping women to live in alignment while unleashing their full potential is my true calling!


8 Weeks Online Mentoring Programme

 Twice a Week Q & A by Zoom

3 Themed Workshops by Zoom 

Access to Useful Material & Resources



Private Facebook group access 

Yoga on demand portal access 

(over 10 yoga & embodiment practices)






Email at to join the waiting list

What clients say about my work

Thanks to Lally I have learned how to optimise my work and to set healthy boundaries which contributes to my personal & professional development. She helped me integrating conscious ways to work through self-doubt and limiting beliefs. I now feel more confident about my work and abilities.

Jenny Barrena, Femtrepreneur, Jewellry Designer

Lally is a very talented human being, she listens from a place of deep understanding
& respect, her tutoring comes as a natural flow of energy & intuition. Her mentoring is helpful, to the point and very empowering. If you are on a journey to growth (spiritual, business or personal) I would highly recommend to reach out to her!.

Michelle Dalla, Yoga Teacher

Lally brings intelligence, creativity and leadership in the understanding of your business project, she possesses solid skills and business sense. She helped me work through self-limiting blocks and guided me towards achieving realistic goals and workable solutions. I finally understood what was right for my business. 

Sara Oliani, Femtrepreneur, Yogini, Designer

My mentoring session with Lally was self-transformative and very useful. I gained a lot of tips on how to do conscious business. I left the session with many tools for self-care and on how to manage stress & anxiety. The session stimulated my creativity and came out feeling motivated and empowered.

Susana Pinyar, Marketing & Branding Expert

I now have a very clear idea of where I want to take my business, how to attract my ideal client and how to transmit my work and mission in an engaging way. With Lally, I have learned more about conscious business and I got to know myself better.

Patricia Cerra, Femtrepreneur, Beauty Therapist

Working with Lally was a turning point in my life. She taught me useful tools to cope with stress and prevent burnout. I now have a clear idea of how do intuitive & conscious business. I have learned to honor myself by setting healthy boundaries that contributes to my personal & professional growth.

Anna Smith, Femtrepreneur, Designer & Architect