Life & Business Mentorship



This is for YOU, yoga teacher, spiritual leader and holistic service provider wanting live from your passions and talents without burning out.

In these 1:1 sessions we focus on how to gain valuable new skills to create your unique business vision and project based in purpose, passion and authenticity.

The aim of these sessions is to gain clarity on your mission, overcome self-limiting beliefs, build self-confidence, define your soul client, develop your product line and to find your own voice as a female entrepreneur.

The main pillars of these sessions are SELF-MASTERY, PURPOSE and BUSINESS STRATEGY. This transformative process helps you to develop your abilities, talents and strengths so that you can bloom in your career.

150€ | per single session 

119€ | per session when buying 3 sessions or more

* All sessions are 60 minutes | ONLINE 


¨Lally helped me understand better ways to communicate with my clients and create a sales strategy. Lally is not only a mentor but a conscious business coach, she helped me bring my message across without loosing the spirit of what I do. Working with Lally was an absolute pleasure, she could understand my business and how connect and deliver my message to the right people.  I highly recommended!¨

Mili Gentile, Yoga Teacher & YTT Facilitator

¨What I really liked about working with Lally, was the clarity and business direction I got, she gave me ideas on how to use my knowledge and personal experiences to create purposeful offerings. The biggest win from working with her was to develop my product line. I also learned about marketing and how to attract customers through social media¨

Nastasia Gibert, Yoga Teacher

¨I love the natural empowering feeling that oozes from Lally´s experience and expertise, she is very talented and listens from a place of deep understanding and respect. I really loved my 1-1 biz mentoring with Lally, helpful, to the point and very empowering. This mentorship helped me with clarity and easy steps to undertake next in my business. The biggest win from this process was a sense of clarity and empowerment in all aspects of myself¨

Michelle Dalla, Yoga Teacher

Each of Us Finds His Unique Vehicle For Sharing His Bit of Wisdom | Ram Dass



This is an invitation for YOU, female yoga teacher, coach, spiritual leader, facilitator and service provider which would like to uplift your work through creativity, design, content curation and digital marketing.

A hybrid, creative and personalised package to create an Instagram feed, social media branding and strategic content that attracts your soul client. 

Expect to go through a journey of brand DNA discovery, definition of purpose statement and projection of your dream project.

This service helps you to get your distintive mission and offerings out there in an authentic way so that you can connect and serve your community.

This unique and personalised service helps you with…


* This is personalised service and prices might vary. 


¨Instagram has always been a red flag for me, working with Lally has lifted this blockage and she showed me in a very loving and straightforward way how to use IG as a tool to market my retreat agency. Lally has a great knowledge of marketing and is able to break that down into simple steps that are easy to implement and to follow. During the mentorship I have noticed a big increase of traffic to my IG account and I am sure it will not be long that one of the new contacts will turn into a client¨

Johanna Schinker, Founder & CEO of Retreat Agency @conalmaconsulting

 ¨I now have a very clear idea of where I want to take my business, how to attract my ideal client and how to transmit my work and mission in an engaging way. I have also gained quick results such as more followers, engagement and interactions in Instagram, I received more enquiries that turned into sales by following Lally´s guidance. With Lally, I have learned more about social media, marketing and conscious business, and I even got to know myself better¨

Patricia Cerra, Founder & CEO of @mysticbeautymallorca

¨Lally is such a rare and precious combination of the on the point business woman, intuitive communicator and experienced designer. She helped me weave my many loose ends and impulses I had to create my IG account into the beautiful thread I work with now. She guided me into my IG flow and out of overwhelm. Developing structure, tools and templates for me to be solid, leaving enough space for me to be creative. Thank you Lally, its been a pleasure to collaborating and working with you!¨

Tanja Hemm, Founder & CEO of  @thechangecontainer

Life Mentorship



Whether you are looking for a change in your life, career transition, developing self-awareness, defining your life purpose, or just guidance on how to create a more balanced life, this mentoring session is for you.

This is a positive process that helps evaluating and balance the 7 dimensions of Wellness, (Emotional, Physical, Social, Environmental, Occupational, Spiritual and Intellectual). Finding the areas that needs changing and identifying the struggles and limitations that are stoping you from achieving your current goals and life you desire.

These sessions might include goal setting, spiritual guidance, anxiety relief through shadow work and other holistic and somatic practices. These sessions aim to support your own personal life path.

120€ | per single session 

99€ | per session when buying 3 sessions

* All sessions are 60 minutes | ONLINE

Client love…

¨Lally is very talented, she listens from a place of deep understanding and respect, her tutoring comes as a natural flow of energy and intuition. Her mentoring is helpful and empowering. If you are on a journey of personal growth, I would highly recommend to reach out to her!¨ Michelle Dalla 

¨I was blessed to meet Lally at a retreat in Mallorca, I felt immediately at ease in her company, I felt like I was speaking with a friend. Lally gently and lovingly shared a lot of wisdom in a short time. I felt myself, at peace and revitalised after the session with her. I feel motivated to make changes to nurture myself¨ Anna Maclaughlin