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This is for anyone looking to dive into a daily Yoga practice, wether you are new to Yoga or a have a regular practice, this multi-level Yoga bundle is for you!.

With this Yoga bundle you will receive a mix of 10 timeless Yoga practices that will enrich your life.

Expect Dynamic Vinyasa Flows to move and energise, Gentle Yoga to ground and aligned, and Restorative Yoga and Meditation for nourishment.

This is an invitation to create MENTAL, EMOTIONAL and PHYSICAL ALIGNMENT on the mat and to bring it into your life.

With a 3 month unlimited access, you will be able to practice yoga on demand as many times as you wish.


“I purchased the 7 Day Yoga Journey Bundle to practice yoga with Lally from wherever I am. The alternation between the asana practices and the meditations of being able to raise energy through the Gratitude Journal is just fun and enjoyable and brings deep reconnection and focus. I didn’t go through it in 7 days but took it at my own pace and that was a great benefit. As well as being able to access it more often. Thank you for this very diverse and inspiring mix of wisdom, movement on all levels and that brings healing” Ulli Manhart

¨Lally Molina is not only a wonderful teacher, but has the sort of calm and supportive energy needed in order to learn yoga and meditation. In the 7 Day Yoga Journey Bundle that I have been using, the pace is just perfect and the different classes are an excellent mix for the seven days. She encourages you to keep improving but from an inner place, one of self accomplishment and well being. I always feel after one of her classes that I have taken an internal shower¨ Julia Condon

Lally is genuine and loves to helping others and you can tell while practicing yoga with her. This bundle is perfect is you are looking for practicing at home and at your own time. There is no order to the classes and you can take the ones you feel like doing in that day. Lally brings to the online classes the same love she brings in the yoga studio. They are not online rushed classes you find these days, I fully recommend the 7 Day Yoga Journey Bundle if you want to have an enjoyable home yoga practice with an amazing yoga teacher and wonderful soul!Erica Lauretta

Be Brave by Being Soft | Bonnie Bainbridge


Meditation have many benefits and it is a millenary practice that has transformed the life of many.

During this course you will receive very accessible and effective tools and techniques to help you master the practice of meditation.

By the end of this course you will be able to meditate independently and will have a great understanding of the main pillars of meditation.

This course is designed to help you with the following;

  • Reduce negative emotions.
  • Calm nervous system & heart.
  • Improve sleep & fight insomnia.
  • Develop personal & spiritual grown.
  • Boost emotional & mental wellbeing.
  • Reduce hyper mental activity & anxiety.
  • Develop self-awareness, emotional intelligence & resilience.


This is a 6 week online meditation course and the fourth edition will launch soon.


I have really enjoyed doing this course. Lally has helped me a lot. I have learned to meditate, and she has transmitted calming and relaxing energy, and she has adapted to my needs. I really liked that she explained and offered different meditation techniques. Thank you, Lally, for introducing me to the world of meditation because it is a fundamental tool I can use everyday. Now I feel much better, calmer and relaxed. Thank you for this wonderful course!” Mar Bauza

“I really liked this meditation course. I enjoyed it and above all I was able to relax. The basis that Lally has given us has been more than enough to undertake our personal growth. With the different meditations we have practice during the course, we have the necessary tools to be able to achieve the goals we need to create a more serene life. I am noticing changes in my way of thinking. I am very grateful for all that Lally has given us Aina Grive