Kate Williams, US

I was fortunate to have Lally as my yoga teacher for a week long retreat in Sri Lanka. She did a wonderful job at catering to the different levels of her students, making sure that we were each individually challenged when appropriate during our vinyasa flow and achieving ultimate relaxation during our restorative practices.

During my week long stay, I received an Intuitive Healing Session, which was the highlight of my experience. Not only was the treatment extremely relaxing, but the amount of healing that took place was astounding. I highly recommend Lally as a talented yoga instructor as well as an intuitive healer.

Emma Cover, UK

Lally took us through the Body & Mind Reset Workshop with deep breathing techniques, which were completely simply but effective ways to reduce stress and anxiety and can be done at any moment, anywhere. We practised some simple but restorative and relaxing asanas to release tension and calm the mind.  Lally also guided us through a Yoga Nidra meditation, this was truly relaxing and something I am definitely looking to continue in my life for ultimate relaxation!

Lally was a wonderful teacher as she took you through each step slowly and simply, making me feel completely at ease as a beginner. She has a very calming presence and it was the perfect way to learn about loving your body and taking care of yourself. Lally happily answered all our questions and sharing resources of how we could benefit individually.

Thank you very much for your help and inspiration in my journey!

Lola Campbell, UK

The retreat hosted by Lally Molina and Claudia Grifonaci in Sri Lanka was absolutely beautiful, and just what I needed. Having a balance of yoga and pilates made the experience unbeatable, and I learned learned so much about my body. Lally and Claudia are both incredible at what they do; combining passion with an extensive knowledge, truly making you feel you’re in safe hands. Thanks again gorgeous ladies!!

Evalotte Krause, Germany

I got to experience Lally’s yoga classes in a retreat surrounded by beautiful greenery in Sri Lanka. During our time in the retreat I learned a lot about different yoga practices, she has got such a lovely and kind personality that will always motivate you to push yourself just that tiny little bit to make visible improvements of balance, strength and flexibility. I feel like everyone joining one of her classes will find themselves very fortunate to have met her on their journey. You will always be able to take away something personally for you from her words during your yoga practice.

Ruby Al-Faqir

Lally’s class was one of the most valuable things I did during my trip in Sri Lanka, I’ve been on my Yoga Journey for almost 5 years now and the input I got from her class was just amazing. She mentally prepared me to start flowing with the movement to maximise the benefits of my practice. When the mind and the body are equally engaged we have accomplished a real yoga practice. The second thing that I loved in her class was the space for self-practice.

Lucia Riley, UK

The chance at the retreat of doing yoga in the morning and then finish the day with a yin yoga session was incredible. There was a rhythm to the practices with harmonised with the environment we were in and the activities we did during the day which was very spiritually healing. In each session, we were given the opportunity to push ourselves or rest as our bodies required. I came away from the retreat in a very positive mind and body. Lally shared her positivity and her warmth and we all came away feeling it.