Meditation & Mindfulness


Meditation have many benefits and it is a millenary practice that has transformed the life of many.

During this course you will receive very accessible and effective tools and techniques to help you master the practice of meditation.

By the end of this course you will be able to meditate independently and will have a great understanding of the main pillars of meditation.

This course is designed to help you with the following;

  • Reduce negative emotions.
  • Calm nervous system & heart.
  • Improve sleep & fight insomnia.
  • Develop personal & spiritual grown.
  • Boost emotional & mental wellbeing.
  • Reduce hyper mental activity & anxiety.
  • Develop self-awareness, emotional intelligence & resilience.


This is a 6 week face-to-face and online meditation course and the forth edition will launch soon.

Email at to join the waiting list.


This is a meditation & mindfulness workshop for companies and employees to learn how to use meditation to create a better workplace environment.

This 2.30hrs workshop offers a way to develop emotional intelligence though mindfulness practices.

This workshop is designed to help on the following areas;

  • Reduce & manage stress.
  • Increase productivity & focus.
  • Manage emotions & mood shifts.
  • Increase self-awareness & compassion.
  • Improve work performance and productivity.
  • Enhance creativity & innovation.
  • Promote positive social connections.
  • Improve communication skills.
  • Increase emotional intelligence & resilience.
  • Improve teamwork
and better workplace environments


This is a in house  face-to-face workshop and it can be customised to the companies needs and desires.

For more information and bookings, email at