Bloomful Biz Method 



March 3rd at 16hrs (GMT +1)

This is for…

Yoga and spiritual teachers, facilitators, guides and coaches. 

It is for any service providers within the spiritual and wellness industry wanting to create an authentic and sealable product line. 

Time to use your talents and gifts to create products that help transform the life of others.

Ok so, you are here… 

YOU are spiritual or wellness femtrepreneur that it is relatively new to the entrepreneurship world.

You struggle to bring your brilliant ideas to life. 

You want to live off your passion for helping others but don’t how. 

You are unclear on wether your offerings are right for your soul client. 

You wish to build wealth from your talents and knowledge but don’t know how. 

You want to mark a difference amongst other spiritual & wellness professionals.

You feel stuck in conventional ways of working and wish to think outside the box.

Yes I know the struggle… 

I hear you and I feel you! – I have been there, lost, stuck and not knowing where to start!

After completing several trainings and many courses, I found myself without guidance on how to create saleable products from my knowledge and how to make a living as a Yoga & Spiritual Teacher.

So I struggle and struggle trying to figure everything by myself. Did I learn? yes plenty, but it took me plenty of hours, unnecessary stress, few burnouts, and sweat and tears to work it all out by myself.

At that point, desperate and tired of teaching 20 yoga classes a week to make a living, I invested in a business mentor and got the support that I needed in order to stop making decisions out of fear and finally steping into my zone on genius.

Meet your mentor

Hi I am Lally. I am a Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Lifestyle and Conscious Business Mentor.

With a BA (HONS) in fashion design and 12 years in the fashion industry, my background is design, product development and marketing.

Yogini for over 10 years and working in the yoga and wellness industry since 2016, as a yoga & meditation teacher and conscious business mentor, I have helped many to transform their lives for the better. Read my full story

As the creator of the Bloomful Biz Program, my mission is to guide spiritual teacher in business, to teach them how to live in alignment while unleashing their full potential. 

My purpose is to help and empower women with the desire to evolve and expand in the personal and professional field.

I am a passionated mentor that have put together what no YTT teaches you. I have gathered knowledge, years of experience and a proven method to create authentic and saleable yoga and wellbeing offerings that transforms the lives of people.

This mentorship program is here to help spiritual guides to make conscious choices that take them closer to their ultimate yoga career and life vision.

Imagine the following… 

You creating a product line and offerings that feel aligned with your purpose and mission.  

You helping transform the life of others by being you and doing what you love the most. 

You building wealth from your unique and authentic talents and gifts.

You making the world a better place and helping others to prosper. 

You living an abundant and prosperous life.

Yes! This is possible and I will teach you how in my masterclass. 


→ Identify your brilliant talents and gifts and how you can build wealth from them.

→ Create a product line and offerings that feel aligned with your purpose and mission.  

→ Use creativity & intuition as tools to design products & services that can serve your client.

→ How to give life to an idea; (Journey through idea, design, refinement, distribution & sales).

What my clients say…

Lally brings intelligence, creativity and leadership in the understanding of your business project, she possesses solid skills and business sense. She helped me work through self-limiting blocks and guided me towards achieving realistic goals and workable solutions. I finally understood what was right for my business. 

Sara Oliani, Femtrepreneur, Yogini, Designer

I now have a very clear idea of where I want to take my business, how to attract my ideal client and how to transmit my work and mission in an engaging way. With Lally, I have learned more about conscious business and I got to know myself better.

Patricia Cerra, Femtrepreneur, Beauty Therapist

Lally is a very talented human being, she listens from a place of deep understanding
& respect, her tutoring comes as a natural flow of energy & intuition. Her mentoring is helpful, to the point and very empowering. If you are on a journey to growth (spiritual, business or personal) I would highly recommend to reach out to her!.

Michelle Dalla, Yoga Teacher & Spiritual Guide


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